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Dirty Kelly's treat, pt 1


I get out of my car, despite the autumn chill, I am very comfortable in a hoodie and blue jeans shorts. I smile lustfully at you as you lean backwards against the bonnet of your car, thrusting your head backwards, letting your long hair play in the wind. Your tits are covered by a tight top and you point them skywards as you teasingly lift one of your legs, letting me see inside underneath your skirt, no underwear! I stop a few feet away from you, drinking in your beauty and sexy curves. You slide a tongue between your lips and slowly turn around. You lean down over the bonnet and look at me o… Read more

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Definition of masturbation


Expanding the definition of masturbation Sexual self pleasure resources often talk about one thing (masturbation) with a limited definition (touching your genitals in ways that give you sexual pleasure). This narrow understanding can limit all the different ways that people give themselves pleasure: masturbation can include more than touching genitals, and sexual self pleasure can include more than masturbation. Pleasure is something that bodies can experience in different ways. Sometimes it’s eating a delicious meal… Read more

Posted by sweetsweetii 43 minutes ago 61

Getting caught with Joanie.


After reading all of the life diary entries that i had made in my blog, One of my online friends on Hamster asked me to write a story for her involving her and her wife. I did so and sent it to her and she loved it then asked me to post it in my blog for all to see. So, here it is, my first fictional story. I hope readers approve. Joanie was kneeling in the bedroom, wearing full feminine lingerie, bra, panties, suspender belt, stockings and high heels. She had on a shoulder length blonde wig and full makeup with bright red lipstick. I was standing naked infront of her with my legs apart pus… Read more

Posted by angelatvdom 43 minutes ago 50

Visiting Him

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

This is a story of what happened this past weekend when I stayed at Elliot's apartment with him. Elliot called and my m0m was ecstatic. It had been weeks, since she'd heard from him. I'd texted him on occasion, but nothing more than a quick hello from him, on his way to class. M0m must have been really tense, because when she got off the phone with him, she told me that he'd offered to give her a break and take me for a weekend. She asked him if it was alright for this weekend, and he had no problem. She looked at me and said, "This is a chance for me to get some stuff done. It's Friday and… Read more

Posted by ndamood4sum 1 hour ago 391

Married man


Hi all just letting you know that my married man picture fantasy happened. I went to a bar had some drinks was pretty boring so changed bars and caught up with a guy I used to know a long time ago we had some drinks got chatting and I noticed a wedding ring on his finger we started talking about his wife and that they have recently had a fight and are on Rocky grounds. After a few more drinks he said that I have not aged 1 bit in all those years and still look amazing I giggled and thanked him also saying that he is still very handsome and that I used to have a crush on him all those years ago… Read more

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Married man


Hi all just letting you know that my married man picture fantasy happened. I went to a bar had some drinks was pretty boring so changed bars and caught up with a guy I used to know a long time ago we had some drinks got chatting and I noticed a wedding ring on his finger we started talking about his wife and that they have recently had a fight and are on Rocky grounds. After a few more drinks he said that I have not aged 1 bit in all those years and still look amazing I giggled and thanked him also saying that he is still very handsome and that I used to have a crush on him all those years ago… Read more

Posted by Curvyinkprincess 1 hour ago 43

Meet Bernie

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Some of you might not believe this: The internet hasn't always been around. Sometimes it's best just to open with the facts. Before the World Wide Web and the Interconnected Network we know and love today, communication by computer was a far more fragmented affair and one that only tech enthusiasts and p*******es used. Possibly secret agents, too. By the time I was in high school I had researched and successfully wired a not-supported modem to my families BBC Micro. I even taught myself to write a driver for it. You had to press a button soldered into the cable at the right time for it to conn… Read more

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Sex I want to experience

Gay MaleAnal

I take off everything, completely undress, my cock is already standing, you are naked on the torso. I wrap my arms around you, caressing your arms, shoulders, stomach, pressing my body against yours. We kiss on the lips - passionately, deeply, sucking each other's tongue and saliva. After enjoying the kiss, I reach down, unbutton my belt, and pull out your cock. He's excited, too. I swallow the head whole, feeling the amazing taste of lubricant and sperm. This is my favorite taste, the taste of a man for whom I would do anything. I open my mouth as wide as possible, and you start fuckin… Read more

Posted by Blowjobman55 2 hours ago 169 100%

The day i discovered my Thai wife Joy was a Bangko

First TimeMasturbation

I had met a Thai girl Joy in Bangkok many years ago. We met at a nightclub when she was out with friends. I liked her straight away, she had a winning smile. She suggested we go home, but not for sex, just to talk and drink some more. well we went back to my hotel room chatted, drank and went to bed... no sex no money asked for. The next morning we exchange phone numbers and I said I would get in touch. Met her again a few days later when we went to Bangkok Beat, (Now sadly gone) in Soi 7. One thing lead to another and we became a couple. I was able to get her visa's to travel with me to other… Read more

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White Slave boy in Africa part 2

BDSMGay MaleHardcore

White Slave boy in Africa part 2 As left continued to slam his considerable girth and full length into Nickys rectum with increasing vigour, Nicky felt an odd thing happen. The agony of having his anus stretched beyond it's limit started to subside a little. Lefts cock was thicker at the base than at the tip and so as he withdrew, Nickys anus was aloowed to relax just a fraction. In those brief monents, as his rectum contracted, his body would relax also which gave an unusually pleasurable feeling. Left continued to hold the lads legs firmly pushed back with Nickys knees rubbing against his e… Read more

Posted by ab8715 3 hours ago 246

Mya, My Tgirl Princess

Shemale Porn

It was Halloween weekend. A group of friends from back home are in town to go party for Halloween. There were three couples and two single guys in our group of friends, I was one of the single guys. I was dressed as a prisoner, nothing fancy but it was on sale at Halloween store. Everyone met at my house so the girls could get ready and the guys drink a few beers. My name is Bo, twenty seven years old about five foot seven inches and ideal weight for my size. Dark shaggy hair with just a bit of facial hair. In decent physical shape with a skinny to average build with some muscle definition.… Read more

Posted by sanpeesua 3 hours ago 2 271 100%

My wife's car, a friend and a naughty cop...


My old time friend Dennis got divorced from her sweet wife. He had always had been attracted by my sexy wife Anita; so the bastard soon began calling her to get sex… He was sure that my sensual babe would allow fucking her, since he knew that Ana and I were not lately enjoying too much sex… I was sure that my wife would end accepting his offer of wild sex… Dennis finally told me everything about them… He described the first time he called Ana and asked her to meet him somewhere, she declined. On the second call, she agreed, although she did not look totally convinced… Their meeting would… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 3 hours ago 393 100%

Meeting Shawn and his black friends...

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I had invited my sweet wife to join me during a quick business trip, in a town not so far from home. When we arrived at the hotel there, the lobby was crowded. Apparently a small local college was having a tournament at the same time and the hotel was full of college basketball players… While we were checking in I noticed Anita was staring at these young guys with hungry eyes and she was even chatting with some of them. We finally went to our room and found out that all rooms around were occupied by those noisy basketball guys. After dinner outside, Ana and I decided to get a last round of d… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 4 hours ago 480 25%

The last fuck at that party...

MatureInterracial Sex

After Rhonda left the bedroom, I laid onto the bed, facing down, panting and trying to recover my breath. The black guy that entered through the door, soon stripped off and, before I could even protest, he was grabbing my ankles and pulling my body against his. “No, please, no…! “. I barely could exclaim, before feeling another huge dick getting buried deeply inside my abused sore cunt. “Shut up, bitch, I want to feel that sweet pussy of yours…” The huge nigger hissed onto my ear, while he was starting to get his steady pace, going in and out from my slippery love channel. He fucked me real h… Read more

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Ynder a blanket duiring a flight...


My beloved Victor had invited me to share a quick business trip to Iowa with him and I had been delighted with the experience. But hubby had been very busy during these three days and extremely stressed and tired in the evenings; so, we had not enjoyed a single night of good wild sex. We finally boarded the plane to fly back home and I was feeling extremely horny and aroused… While sitting on the plane I asked for a blanket and received one. Victor’s seat was in the aisle and I was on the middle. We had to get up to allow a very huge man go through us, to his window seat. The man was really a… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 4 hours ago 253 75%

Humiliating Ass Fucking

Gay MaleHardcore

Humiliating Ass Fucking By: Londebaaz Chohan Laski slapped Nussbaum’s lovely ass when he did not answer immediately a question asked by Laski, if he got turned on by the roughness shown by Laski. "Answer me, bitch”, he said; “Are you turned on by my roughness? Are you ready to take my hard cock deep inside your throat and beg me to fuck you?" Laski was not in a mood for games tonight. He was very horny and he simply wanted to fuck Gifford Nussbaum very hard and rough, making him scream and shout. He pulled off Gifford’s shirt over his head and also took his pants off leaving him wea… Read more

Posted by londebaaz 5 hours ago 212 100%

Last Halloween: Fucked by a Demon

Gay MaleTabooHardcore

I was hot and aroused, but frozen with fright at the same time. She was moaning and groaning, it was a female voice, yet there was something evil and monster-like with it. Fuck it! Why not get fucked by a demon? I mean it was a female, at least, and I am bisexual and like fucking girls too. Hey, if this feels good, what is the harm? Unless this demon kills or eats it's prey after fucking it, then I would be screwed. In the other way. This was last Halloween. I was at my fictional fantasy Sugar Daddy's house alon… Read more

Posted by ChrissyinSD 5 hours ago 428 100%

Stepdaughter caught playing with her clit


I came back from work and I hear noises upstairs and I go up and as I get closer to my stepdaughters room I hear her moaning and talking and she is saying that she is so horny and want me to come over to her and fuck her saying she wants it as I go to her door and I trip and her door opened with her lying with her legs wide and moving her hips as she puts a vibrator inside her cunt and she has her eyes shut and she opens them to see me looking at her beautiful dark hairy pussy and I walk into her room and see her noticed my hard cock and I asked her when she last had a cock sliding in her cunt… Read more

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Leave club & have sex with woman in front of b

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

I’m out the other evening. I go home with a young lady. We get to her house. She says she lives with her brother before we get inside. I think nothing of it, we get inside. He’s watching tv in the living room. We stumble to the couch. She tells him to “get lost.” He disagrees. She says whatever. She starts making out with me undoing my shirt. She undoes my belt buckle. Unbuttons my pants unzipped them & pulls my hard cock out. She taunts him saying “You see this. This is a Man!” One hand lightly stroking the other cupping both balls. She looks up at me gives me a kiss & begins to give… Read more

Posted by hungbull90 6 hours ago 767 100%

My first two BIG BLACK COCKS... in a hotel room...

HardcoreInterracial SexAnal

Hi all, it’s Roxy again :-) Guess what I JUST did. Yep, I finally got MY BBC! Writing these stories about Scott (see: Huge Cock takes her virgin pussy; and, Huge Cock takes my hungry little pussy-in the dorm) made me sooooo horny that I had to go out and get me some! I have to admit, I was desparate this time and so took some risks I wouldn’t normally take; but, that’ll have to be another story for another time. For now, I’m going to skip ahead a bit in Scott’s story (which I recorded, with his permission, a couple days ago when we had lunch) and get to when Scott finally got his BBC! In his w… Read more

Posted by Roxyblack 6 hours ago 329